21 Hump Street: Succubus Lips Book Review

Cover of novel Succubus Lips

Veras is a vigilante group of metahuman Natches, using their powers to keep the world safe from less benevolent Natches who aren’t inclined to behave. They may all have to work together, however, to stop transdimensional alien elves from turning human society back to raw nature.

You are so very doomed: Crimson Book Review

Red-haired woman raises malformed hand

Peasant girl Fen was born in the shadow of the mine and will die in the mine, just like her father did. Just like the people of Village Twenty-One have done for 1,000 years, serving the tyrannical Queen Servilia and the order she maintains with cruelty and magic. Or maybe she won’t, because Fen is something neither she or Servilia expected. Suddenly, Fen’s dark hair is turning red.  

Frankenstein (1910): Movie Synopsis

Frankenstein's creature stands over his collapsed creator

Young Frankenstein (no, not that one) goes off to university, leaving behind his lovely fiancee and her family. I support that move. You get your education, Frankenstein. You’re too young for that much responsibility.   Two years later, he has discovered the secret of life and death. They don’t make undergrads like they used to.  

Horror of Dracula: Movie Synopsis

  A few kilometres outside fair Klausenberg, where we set our scene, intensely self-confident Jonathan Harker arrives at Castle Dracula to start his new job. He’s an academic, and has been hired as a librarian by Count Dracula. Harker starts his visit by running into a lovely woman in the dining room who begs for his help escaping and then flits off.

Van and Art, vampire hunters: Horror of Dracula (1958) Movie Review

When television and film go back to the same characters over and over, the first incarnation we see tends to be the one that becomes “ours.” Our James Bond or our Doctor or our Sherlock Holmes is the correct one and you can’t shake us.   There is a random quality to intersections with pop culture, but longevity allows an actor’s interpretation to become the default for generations. 

The “Curse” of Incubus

Young William Shatner sits in shadowy church looking sad and confused

Incubus (1966) was a commercial failure on a level that sounds made up. An independent movie that doesn’t get any distribution at all isn’t rare or strange, but an American independent movie that got distribution in one single market, France, is pretty special.   It can seem a bit strange that a legendarily cursed horror film couldn’t catch anyone’s attention.