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What I Accept

I review paranormal fiction of all genres for and paranormal romance for My book reviews may appear on other websites and in magazines.


The welcome mat is out for fantasy, paranormal-style sci-fi, paranormal mysteries, paranormal romance, and paranormal erotica. Canadian authors may get priority over authors from other countries. I particularly encourage LGBTQ authors and women of colour to send me their paranormal fiction.


I have very little patience for fiction about indigenous North Americans written by settler authors. I prefer not to review them for the sake of my blood pressure.


I’m a big fan of the punk-rock world of independently published novels, but if you want to be reviewed your novel must be ready for publication. If you’re not sure your novel is ready for publication, then I strongly suggest that you hire an editor with experience in fiction. Family and friends rarely make useful test readers because they love you and don’t want to disappoint you. Pay a qualified person to tell you the truth in private before you let reviewers do it in public.


What Authors Get


Book reviews are consumer advice and are not necessarily intended to give feedback to an author. I provide honest book reviews, which will not always be full of love for the work.


If reading book reviews upsets you, you should stop reading book reviews. If any criticism of your writing at all makes your sphincters tighten and your bowels liquify, then writing may not be the career for you.


I accept novels, novellas, and graphic novels for review consideration only. I can’t guarantee to review a novel, and I can’t commit to a deadline. I almost certainly will never look at a novel that is long, isn’t standalone, or has a cliffhanger ending.


It wouldn’t be unusual if you don’t hear back from me at all. I’m an elusive beastie. It’s not personal.


Novels that I select for review will be:


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Novels with extraordinary qualities or a noteworthy resonance with whatever I happen to be thinking about at the moment might be featured in articles or posts whether I review them or not.


Submit Book for Review

I understand that submitting my novel for review consideration to does not guarantee a review or commit to a deadline.