21 Hump Street: Succubus Lips Book Review

Cover of novel Succubus Lips

Veras is a vigilante group of metahuman Natches, using their powers to keep the world safe from less benevolent Natches who aren’t inclined to behave. They may all have to work together, however, to stop transdimensional alien elves from turning human society back to raw nature.

You are so very doomed: Crimson Book Review

Red-haired woman raises malformed hand

Peasant girl Fen was born in the shadow of the mine and will die in the mine, just like her father did. Just like the people of Village Twenty-One have done for 1,000 years, serving the tyrannical Queen Servilia and the order she maintains with cruelty and magic. Or maybe she won’t, because Fen is something neither she or Servilia expected. Suddenly, Fen’s dark hair is turning red.