Things I Thought at Midnight: Dracula, Prince of Sexual Diversity

I don’t sleep well, and this has led to strange online shopping and lots of semi-conscious thinking. That second part is usually announced to Dr Jim with the immortal phrase, “Okay, you know xyz, right?” Sometimes I even make sense, but it’s certainly not required.




Okay, you know the first Hammer Dracula, right?


Without changing a word of Horror of Dracula, you can interpret it completely differently. Not as stout manhood defending the sanctity of the marriage bed from being penetrated by unchecked sexual urges, but as a commentary on sexuality.


I know. Stick with me.


Promiscuous bisexual stereotype Jonathan Harker maintains relationships with his fiancee Lucy and his partner Dr Van Helsing while being open to advances from strange vampire women and who knows what else. He tries to take down toxic heterosexuality (in the person of Count Dracula) and is overwhelmed by it because he hesitates to destroy the masculine and chooses to destroy the feminine instead.


Harker is in turn destroyed by our gay hero Dr Van Helsing. Van Helsing is the only character with a complete understanding of the world and of the danger a punitive sexual binary poses to innocent humanity.


Meanwhile, Count Dracula goes right on penetrating. Married chap Arthur Holmwood is helpless to understand what is happening until Dr Van Helsing clues him in, and they form a new partnership in their quest to save the world from Count Dracula’s destructive hunt for a wife.


Their powers combined, Van Helsing and Holmwood use the disinfecting power of the sun to cleanse the sexual landscape of Ingolstadt of the corrupt and monstrous imposition of binary sexuality. Right?❤

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