Frankenstein (1910): Movie Synopsis

Frankenstein's creature stands over his collapsed creator

Young Frankenstein (no, not that one) goes off to university, leaving behind his lovely fiancee and her family. I support that move. You get your education, Frankenstein. You’re too young for that much responsibility.


Two years later, he has discovered the secret of life and death. They don’t make undergrads like they used to.





High-stakes gambling


Confident in his abilities, Frankenstein cooks up his creature in a kiln. But it isn’t a beautiful creature, oh no. Frankenstein’s creature is a monster! The impurity of Frankenstein’s soul makes him incapable of creating anything pure. And by “pure,” of course, I mean “attractive.”


Frankenstein rejects his creature and runs away home. Like I said, too young for that much responsibility. Very talented, I get that, but no life skills at all. My sympathy is entirely with Frankenstein’s creature.


Frankenstein’s creature won’t allow Frankenstein to leave him behind. The creature turns up at the family home and argues with Frankenstein, but the college dropout is not interested in confronting his corrupted ideal.




You never mentioned you had a pet


Frankenstein is able to hide the creature from his fiancée, which is a bad start to a marriage. Honesty, kids. Honesty. The wedding day happens, but the dark secrets of Frankenstein’s past won’t stay buried. (Who called it? I called it!)


Frankenstein’s creature pops up on the wedding night and gives everybody a fright. Now we know for sure he’s a bad’un. Turning up at a wedding without an invitation? Shocking.


Frankenstein’s creature disappears into a mirror, although I don’t know why. Frankenstein sees the creature as his own reflection, which is pretty cool. But then, and I don’t know why this happens either, the creature dissolves and the reflection turns into Frankenstein.


Did he finally defeat the creature by willing it away? Was Frankenstein saved by the power of love? Am I expecting too much?


And that was Frankenstein (1910). Now go read my review of Frankenstein (1910).❤


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