Things I Thought at Midnight: The Horror of Chris

I don’t sleep well, and this has led to strange online shopping and lots of semi-conscious thinking. That second part is usually announced to Dr Jim with the immortal phrase, “Okay, you know xyz, right?” Sometimes I even make sense, but it’s certainly not required.





Okay, you know Monster Mash, right?


In Monster Mash, Bobby Pickett plays a sort of spooky Hallowe’en default character named Boris. That’s the Boris Karloff effect. Boris Karloff is synonymous with horror movies, but that’s not his birth name. His birth name was William Pratt. William Pratt is synonymous with horror movies.


If it wasn’t for Boris Karloff’s desire to sound a bit exotic, our spooky Hallowe’en default character name might be William. Or somebody else associated strongly with horror movies, like Lon. Or Peter. “When you get to my door, tell them Christopher sent you” doesn’t have the same effect. Right?❤


Now go watch a playlist that is all versions of Monster Mash. You’ve earned it.

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