14 Monster Mash versions to get the Hallowe’en party started


Hallowe’en is too busy begging strangers for candy and appeasing the dead to have developed a huge musical tradition like that other holiday with the cherubs and the tinsel and stuff. It has one song, and it’s a legend.


Here’s a playlist of 14 versions of Monster Mash. Let’s dance.












  1. Bobby Pickett does the Monster Mash on American Bandstand and there was much rejoicing.
  2. The Misfits play the Monster Mash as a balls-out rock song. Wait. Igor, whose balls are these?
  3. 8-Bit Universe makes it gloriously chippy with Monster Mash 8-Bit Remix.
  4. Kelly Ruth has a Monster Mash to perform and a few names to cross off her list.
  5. Pop-punk Monster Mash courtesy of Jonathan Young.
  6. Dreamy five-part vocal harmony group The Overtones deliver the Monster Mash with roses.
  7. In an alternate universe the Monster Mash is by Bailey Pelkman, accompanied by guitar and sweetness.
  8. Kill Effect proves that the Monster Mash can dance hard without spilling its beer.
  9. Footage from Boris Karloff’s Black Sabbath (1963) artfully cut to Bobby Pickett’s Monster Mash.
  10. If there is a more poptacular Monster Mash than this one by Only the Young, I didn’t find it.
  11. Unexpectedly satirical Monster Mash by Vincent Price. VINCENT PRICE SINGS THE MONSTER MASH.
  12. Gummibär lends his distinctive vocals and international following to a very on-brand Monster Mash.
  13. Pink Skulls gives Monster Mash the classic guitar band treatment.
  14. Mannheim Steamroller gets down with the Monster Mash and it’s magical.





Honourable Mention


The Key of Awesome tries to wrap its brain around how violent and squishy horror movies have become since the 60s in Modern Monster Mash. I’m with Frankenstein on this one.



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