The delights of the tropical skeleton dance



An office-bound skeleton takes an hour out of working his fingers to the bone to steal a glimpse of the tropics on a dreary November day. He might take some ribbing from his colleagues, but the skeleton dance is inspiring him to suck the marrow out of life. Chase your bliss, skeleton.






I’m so excited to learn that the skeleton dance is a genre. One of the oldest genres in film, even!  This special effect showcase was made by the Lumière brothers in 1897-1898, and it may be my new favourite film. The Joyful Skeleton, just doing his thing.





It seems obvious now that I think about it, that the skeleton is an opportunity to show off any new video technology. Hand-drawn animation, anyone?





Now I’m hooked. I’m looking for a stop-motion skeleton dance, and all I can find is fighting. Can it be possible?❤



If you want to read more about the very early days of horror movies, I’ve got you covered.

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